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Your morning adorable: Rescued kangaroo joey kneads his paws while enjoying a bottle

June 24, 2010 | 11:50 am

We were delighted to discover YouTube user GlobalWildlife's extensive collection of videos showing a rescued red kangaroo joey named Skippy at various stages of his development.

Problem: deciding which was the cutest.

After much consideration and considerable hemming and hawing, we finally settled on the video above, in which a very young Skippy drinks enthusiastically from a bottle while kneading his tiny paws rhythmically.

Skippy's enthusiasm for the bottle didn't diminish with age; GlobalWildlife's channel also features a video of the hungry joey anxiously peering out from his makeshift pouch as he waits for his lunch to warm up to its ideal temperature and another in which he impatiently begs for a bottle by pawing at his guardian's legs.

You can see how one might fall down an adorable-kangaroo-joey-video rabbit hole while watching these. A few of our other favorites: Skippy learning to hop, meeting a butterfly for the first time and deciding whether or not to challenge a chair to a boxing match.

Your morning adorable: Rescued kangaroo thinks he's a human
Your morning adorable: Rescued kangaroo joey goes for a swim

-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: GlobalWildlife via YouTube

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