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A very good deed by an admirable human for a blind dog

June 22, 2010 |  1:05 pm

My faith in animals is unshakable; my faith in humans -- not always so much.

But a South Pasadena woman named Penny nudged me a little further along the faith route by a hugely kind act on behalf of my dog.

On one of those horribly frantic days where everything goes wrong from the get-go, I was at the post office. A bag loaded with miscellanea -- bills, letters and a lot more -- burst open and scattered stuff everywhere.

I thought I'd retrieved everything, but I hadn't. I'd overlooked an expensive prescription drug I'd just picked up at the vet for my elderly, blind-from-birth rescue dog.

Me, clueless. Penny, thankfully, not.

Soon there was a message from my vet on my voice mail: Penny had also been at the post office, and had found the medicine. She had not only phoned the vet, but -- and this is the part where I get all teary-eyed -- she drove the medicine to my vet for me to pick up.

Penny, I thanked you in a phone message and I deliver it in stereo right here. None of us is the flawless being that our pets think we are, but you are sure a lot closer to that status than most.

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-- Patt Morrison

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