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Your morning adorable: Kitten finds his own paws terribly, terribly delicious

May 26, 2010 | 11:58 am

We could hardly believe our eyes when we first saw YouTube user tigersdeluxe's shockingly cute British shorthair kitten, Joe Joe, attempting to make a meal of his own paws.

Of course, we can't communicate with animals, Dr. Doolittle-style, but we'll still venture a wild guess that little Joe Joe's internal monologue might include the phrase "I has a flavor."

If you, like us, have become a Joe Joe fanatic after seeing this video, take heart: Tigersdeluxe has posted several other videos of this criminally adorable kitten at various stages of his development. (Fair warning: One of the videos is set to an elevator-music version of "Macarena," so you might want to turn the volume down on that one if you don't want to risk joining us in Macarena-stuck-in-your-head hell for the rest of the day.)

Since these videos were posted in 2007, Joe Joe, by our calculations, is now a fully-grown cat. But he'll always be a kitten in our hearts.

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: tigersdeluxe via YouTube

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