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Your morning adorable: Owl loves a good head scratch

April 2, 2010 | 12:04 pm

We can't help it -- it delights us to no end when animals make it known how much they enjoy being petted or scratched.

As evidence of our deep and abiding love of animals who appreciate the human touch, may we present the ticklish kitten, the ticklish anteater, the baby beaver who loves to get his neck scratched and the baby squirrel (squirrelet?) who demonstrates its enjoyment by kicking its rear leg like a dog? (Ticklish slow loris may be too adorable for even we seasoned cute-watchers to bear.)

To that list, we now have the distinct pleasure of adding Eye-Rolling Owl -- so named, of course, because its sheer enjoyment of having its head scratched causes its eyes to roll back in its head. Naturalist and Discovery News blogger David Mizejewski says he thinks this unusual-looking creature resembles a puppet -- but we're inclined to agree with YouTube uploader cutebreak, who compares its appearance to onetime-toy-of-the-moment the Furby.

-- Lindsay Barnett

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Video: cutebreak via YouTube

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