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Your morning adorable: Baby lemurs cling to mom's back at the Dresden Zoo

April 13, 2010 | 11:59 am

Lemur mother and babies at the Dresden Zoo

If there's anything cuter than a baby ring-tailed lemur, it must be twin baby ring-tailed lemurs!

These two, who were born to mother Susen at Germany's Dresden Zoo on March 17, haven't yet been named. (We were tempted to suggest Irish-themed names as a reference to their St. Patrick's Day birthdate, but then we remembered that lemurs are native to Madagascar -- far, indeed, from the Emerald Isle -- so we will respectfully refrain.)

Ring-tailed lemurs, like most of their lemur cousins, are endangered -- in large part due to deforestation but also because, in some parts of Madagascar, they're considered bad luck and are often killed by villagers as a result. In other parts of the country, they're sometimes hunted for their meat. The troubles facing Madagascar's lemurs are compounded by political upheaval. All of this means, of course, that any ring-tailed-lemur birth is great news for the species.

See more photos of the baby lemurs and their mother after the jump!

Lemur mother and babies at the Dresden Zoo

Lemur mother and babies at the Dresden Zoo

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Photos: Norbert Millauer / AFP/Getty Images

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