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Your morning adorable: Rescued rabbit enjoys a meal, licks its lips

February 24, 2010 | 11:58 am

We could hardly believe our eyes when we saw this amazing young rabbit chowing down on some formula and then licking its lips in satisfaction. This animal is so precious that it could easily be mistaken for a high-priced adorable robot -- but we've been assured that it's an actual, flesh-and-blood rabbit.

Wildlife rehabilitator Mary Cummins of the L.A.-based organization Animal Advocates shares this video on her YouTube channel (which also contains some other favorite videos of ours, including one that shows two young skunks doing a sort of modified moonwalk dance on their front paws).

Cummins explains that the young rabbit -- a cottontail who narrowly escaped a dog attack -- came to Animal Advocates at the age of 12 days. It's now nearly 3 weeks old, and it'll remain in the rehabilitation facility for a few more weeks before being released into the wild. It'll be set free near the spot in Acton where it was found, Cummins explains -- but as far from dogs as possible.

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: MaryCummins via YouTube
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