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Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

January 21, 2010 |  8:24 pm

Whew!  With National Penguin Awareness Day behind us, we can finally turn all our energies toward celebrating today's made-up animal-related holiday: Squirrel Appreciation Day.  You know, the day when all Americans take time out to remember those feisty, funny, athletic little guys with a penchant for obstacle courses and an unfortunate tendency to overdo it with the fermented pumpkins.

Christy Hargrove, a certified wildlife rehabilitator from North Carolina, started Squirrel Appreciation Day back in 2001.  Although it's the most unofficial of unofficial holidays and no events are scheduled to commemorate it, "you can help celebrate by putting out extra food for the squirrels," Hargrove writes on her website.

Your morning adorable: Enterprising squirrel tries to eat a coconut
Hosing down the squirrels

-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: A squirrel makes use of a Squngee, which is pretty much just what it sounds like.  Credit: nrolls74 via YouTube

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