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Your morning adorable: Elephant eats a pumpkin at Maryland Zoo Halloween celebration

October 23, 2009 | 11:36 am

Elephant celebrates Halloween

As part of the Halloween festivities at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, even the elephants are getting the chance to celebrate our ghastliest holiday in style.  African elephants Felix (above, who, despite what her name suggests, is female) and her year-old son, Samson, will spend the weekend enjoying Halloween-themed enrichment activities before the zoo's visitors.  (Two of the zoo's other elephant residents, Anna and Dolly, will even get to smash pumpkins as part of the three-day event.)

Don't fret; the other animals aren't left out -- lions, leopards, chimpanzees, polar bears, penguins, giraffes, otters and other zoo residents will also participate in Halloween activities over the course of the weekend.

Felix is an unusual African elephant, because -- have you noticed? -- she doesn't have any tusks.  (She was born without them, according to the zoo.)  It's rare but not unheard of for African elephants to be born tusk-less, and the zoo reports that the absence doesn't slow her down one bit.

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo: Rob Carr / Associated Press

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