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Your morning adorable: White lion cub sports a milk moustache at Serbia's Belgrade Zoo

October 1, 2009 | 11:29 am

White lion cub

Got milk? Two white lion cubs were born in Belgrade Zoo in Serbia on Sept. 18. In this photo, one of the newborns is fed from a baby’s bottle by a zookeeper when it is only 12 days old.

These South African natives are extremely rare because of a mutation in their genes that gives them coloration varying from blond to near white -- some "white" lions can also be red. According to the Global White Lion Protection Trust, this disadvantageous gene makes white lions particularly conspicuous to hunters and prey in the wild.

These newborns are not to be confused with two other adorable white lion cubs born at Belgrade Zoo in December 2008. The zoo now has five white lions. More photos of the cubs after the jump!

White lion cub

White lion cubs

-- Kelsey Ramos

Photos: Srdjan Ilic / Associated Press

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