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Your morning adorable: Dogs help with the shopping in Shenyang, China

September 12, 2009 | 10:15 am

Shopping dogs

Sun Chien of Shenyang, China, has come up with an unusual method for dealing with the aftereffects of a stroke.  The 76-year-old didn't enlist a family member or an outside caregiver to handle mundane chores like shopping -- instead, Sun built a dog-sized shopping cart, and now pets Pong Pong and Wow Wow handle the trek to the market.

"I used to pull an ordinary cart with me to get my shopping home. Then one day, Pong Pong suddenly stood up on his hind legs and tried to help me to push," Metro U.K. quotes Sun. "I made them a cart of their own and now they're so good they don't need me with them. If one gets tired, he hops in and then they swap over."

We can't decide which shopping impresses us more: Pong Pong and Wow Wow or Lala the shopping penguin.  Lala doesn't push a shopping cart, but gets points for whimsy: He wears his own tiny, penguin-shaped backpack, in which he carries home the day's catch from the fish market.

-- Lindsay Barnett

Photos: European Pressphoto Agency

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