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Metallica: Not just for metalheads anymore, monkeys are fans too, a new study says

September 3, 2009 |  2:26 pm


Animals prefer silence or sounds of their own species to human-made music, according to a new study published in the Royal Society Biology Letters and reported by the Discovery Channel. For some reason, that incites images of gorillas shaking their fists, screaming, "Will you kids turn down that goshdarn racket!"

What's even more interesting is that researchers found monkeys reacted calmly to Metallica's music, an apparently surprising discovery.

There appeared to be little explanation as to why the primates enjoyed the heavy-metal music. We're tempted to offer some guesses pertaining to the comparative intelligence of metalheads, but we don't want to insult any of our valued readers (or, for that matter, monkeys).

The research still doesn't explain why members of two different species can appreciate Metallica and why we cringe every time someone plays "One" on "Guitar Hero."

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-- Mark Milian

Photo: Metallica performing at the Forum on Dec. 17, 2008. Credit: Lawrence Ho / Los Angeles Times

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