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The Heidi Chronicles, Chapter 49: Video of Heidi as the 'Mean Dog'

September 20, 2009 |  3:51 pm

In a previous chapter, you read about Heidi's first "webisode" role as the "Mean Dog" for the Web series "Sir Glen of Glenwood" -- starring Glen Poehlman as a middle-aged man who thinks he's a brave knight living in the Middle Ages, doing good deeds in the 'hood -- for Performing Arts Studio West, which trains and manages the careers of actors with developmental disabilities. The series will launch on the PASW website this fall (Heidi will keep you posted). 

In this chapter, the dog and I are excited to present not one but two "Sir Glen" videos: The first (above) features Heidi in her brief but moving role in the series' opening credits. The second (watch it on the next page) is a special video PASW created for its first dog star: "Behind the Scenes With Heidi the Dog."

Because a video is worth a thousand words -- or however that saying goes -- we'll let Heidi's videos speak for themselves -- although we'd love to hear your comments, especially on Heidi's vocal abilities; she worked very hard on her bark.

And, with or without Heidi, "Sir Glen of Glenwood" and PASW both deserve your support. You've got to love an organization that not only brings out the best in developmentally disabled performers, but once allowed a naive, inexperienced German shepherd to participate in an improv class. As Sir Glen says in the video, "Doing good is -- good!"

And more visuals: Heidi fans may also remember animal photographer Andy Sheng of Otis & Lucy Photography, who volunteered to photograph Heidi and truly made her look like a star. Well, Sheng was recently invited to shoot Paris Hilton's dogs, and definitely makes them look hot. Here are the links to Sheng's photos and blog about the experience.

By the way, in Hilton's case, the phrase "dog house" is something of an understatement.

"Inside Paris Hilton's Doghouse - Part 1": http://otisandlucy.com/wordpress/2009/09/12/parishilton-part1/

"Inside Paris Hilton's Doghouse - Part 2": http://otisandlucy.com/wordpress/2009/09/18/parishilton-part2/

And Heidi may not be Hilton, or even her dog -- but in upcoming chapters you'll hear all about my house dog's visit to Universal Studios for her first experience as a background actor on the series "Desperate Housewives."

-- Diane Haithman

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