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Scenes from a doggie fashion show

July 16, 2009 | 12:11 am

French bulldog fashion

Oh, the things dogs put up with. Not only are they subjected to sometimes-functional, sometimes-silly attire, but sometimes, just sometimes, humans even force them to participate in that most frivolous of events -- the fashion show.

One such doggie fashion show took place Wednesday in Taipei, Taiwan, where a company launching a collection of canine couture had dogs, alongside human models, parade in everything from beachwear to formal evening clothes. Metro U.K. quoted one dog owner who said of her pet: "I want my dog to dress up like me, just like mother and daughter in the same style dress." (Hmmm, really? We love our dogs to bits, but that doesn't mean we want to look like them.)

Above, a French bulldog peers out from behind a stage curtain before taking the runway. After the jump, more photos of dogs modeling bikinis, sportswear -- even a designer Chihuahua-sized backpack.  (Canine fashionistas, don't get too excited -- these outfits were created for the Chinese, Japanese and Australian markets and won't be available for sale in the United States.)

Poodle fashion

Boston terrier fashion

Chihuahua fashion

Chihuahua backpack

-- Lindsay Barnett

Photos: Wally Santana / Associated Press

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