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Intoxicated badger gives German police grief

July 17, 2009 | 11:34 am

A badger in Germany apparently overdid it with the cherries -- overripe cherries from a nearby tree, that is, which had turned to alcohol and caused the poor beast to become intoxicated. (Strange, we would have guessed "mushroom, mushroom" would be the culprit.)

While driving near the town of Goslar, a passerby spotted the badger passed out in the road and called police to report the presumed-dead animal as a potential hazard to other motorists. But when police arrived on the scene, Reuters reported, they discovered the badger was very much alive -- but decidedly stubborn.

They tried to shoo it out of the road, but it wouldn't move. Eventually, they resorted to an alternate method -- chasing it with a broom.  It wandered off under duress and, we hope, found a safe spot to sleep it off. (Hat tip to LittleGreenFootballs for alerting us to this odd story.)

-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: A young badger (not the one found by German police) tries to determine if a human hand is edible.  No word on if it was intoxicated, but trying to eat a human hand sounds like a drunk-badger idea if we've ever heard one.  Credit: andrewbarrett42 via YouTube

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