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Your morning adorable: Grant's zebra foal at Rome's Bioparco zoo

June 22, 2009 | 11:29 am

Primo, a Grant's zebra foal

The youngest resident of Rome's Bioparco is Primo, a Grant's zebra born at the zoo on Friday.  Like other young zebras, Primo was quick to get up on his feet (even if he was a little wobbly, as evidenced by the additional photos after the jump). 

There are three distinct species of zebra: plains zebras, Grevy's zebras and mountain zebras.  Grant's zebras are one of six subspecies of the plains zebra; they're both the smallest and most common of the six.

Primo, a Grant's zebra foal

Primo, a Grant's zebra foal

Primo, a Grant's zebra foal

-- Lindsay Barnett

Top photo: Andrew Medichini / Associated Press
Other photos: Filippo Monteforte / AFP/Getty Images

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