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Your morning adorable: Grant's zebra foal

April 20, 2009 | 11:45 am

Grant's zebra foal

Honoria, a Grant's zebra resident of the Park of Legends zoo in Lima, Peru, gave birth to a foal earlier this year. The baby, shown here at about 3 weeks of age, is the fourth of its species born in a Peruvian zoo.

There are three distinct species of zebra: plains zebras, Grevy's zebras and mountain zebras. Grant's zebras are the most common of the subspecies of plains zebras.

Newborn zebras are able to walk 20 minutes after birth and can run within an hour. More photos of this little one after the jump!

Grant's zebra foal

Grant's zebra foal

-- Lindsay Barnett

Photos: Martin Majia / Associated Press

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