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Popular dog breeds and rescues ruled Pet Expo in O.C.

April 20, 2009 |  4:33 pm

Portugese water dogs

Nearly 100 dog breeds were represented at the America's Family Pet Expo in Orange County over the weekend. Most were there with their owners who provided great insight and information about the respective breeds.

With thousands in attendance, the work of giving and receiving attention from the throngs of animal-lovers left many of these good-natured dogs completely exhausted. I, for one, appreciated the major fix I got of hugs, kisses and love from these amazing ambassadors of many popular breeds -- and I had a very hard time walking away from some potential adoptees.

The two Portuguese water dogs shown above were a huge hit with pet-lovers at the show. Their owner told us that now that President Obama has popularized the breed, these dogs are in high demand. She also said that potential owners should beware of the puppy mills springing up because of their increased popularity.

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Although Labrador retrievers are a very popular breed, this precious chocolate Lab named Sugarbear was at the show needing a home -- he is currently in foster care with a giving family at the Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue organization.  Sugarbear was doing a fine job of collecting donations for the charity.


There was a line of people at least 10-deep to come and give a hug to this amazingly gentle Newfoundland giant.


Poor pup!  This sweetheart was lying halfway in the aisle, as if he just dropped right down and said, "I'm taking a nap now!"


Matching Boston terriers pose for a pic -- one is smiling; one, not so much.


Animals Rule Placement Assn. exhibited at the show with plenty of potential adoption candidates. This little sweetheart, Knox, is an Italian greyhound mixed with chihuahua.


Whippets from the Southern California Whippet Assn. graced the exhibition with their presence alongside Greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds in the Sighthound area. 

-- Joni Gray

Photos: Joni Gray / Los Angeles Times

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