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One-flippered sea turtle can swim straight thanks to a new, high-tech ninja suit

April 13, 2009 |  7:49 pm

Allison, How do you help a rescued sea turtle with only one of its original four flippers intact? 

If you guessed "strap a carbon shark fin to its back," you'd be right.  From the Associated Press:

Workers at [Texas-based facility Sea Turtle Inc.] strapped Allison, a 5-year-old rescued turtle, on Wednesday into a neoprene "ninja" suit that holds a carbon-fiber fin in place on her back. The fin acts as a rudder, allowing her to propel herself forward with her sole fin. The success follows failed attempts last year to fit her with a prosthetic rear flipper.

Allison, an endangered green sea turtle, had previously been able to swim only in tight circles.

Green turtles are among the world's largest sea turtles and can weigh up to 700 pounds and measure 5 feet long. 

So how well can Allison swim with her the aid of her new ninja suit?  Photos of the turtle in action after the jump.





--Lindsay Barnett

Photos: Eric Gay/Associated Press

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