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Your morning adorable: Baby golden-headed lion tamarins

March 31, 2009 | 11:39 am

Baby golden-headed lion tamarins with their parents

Budapest, Hungary's Tropicarium zoo welcomed two baby golden-headed lion tamarins three weeks ago.  Golden-headed lion tamarins are one of four lion tamarin species and are closely related to the other three species, the golden lion tamarin, black lion tamarin, and the superagui lion tamarin (also called the black-faced lion tamarin).

The tiny, endangered monkeys are native to the rain forests of eastern Brazil.  They weigh little more than a pound at maturity.

When the baby tamarins are about 10 days old, their father takes over much of the responsibility for carrying them around, and young tamarins can expect to stay with their parents through the rearing of several litters.  (They even help take care of their younger siblings!)

Check out another photo of these babies after the jump.

Baby golden-headed lion tamarins with their parents

--Lindsay Barnett

Photos: Gyula Czimbal / EPA

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