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More than 200 beached melon-headed whales are rescued in the Philippines

February 10, 2009 |  3:16 pm

More than 200 melon-headed whales were rescued in the Philippines

Fishermen and other volunteers were able to guide more than 200 beached melon-headed whales to deeper water from the shallows off Manila Bay in the Philippines today. 

As for the cause of their distress, a definite reason has yet to be determined, but the Agence France-Presse reports on a few theories:

Government marine biologist Rizza Salinas said the mammals, which travel in pods of 100 or more, may have been disorientated by damage to their hearing caused by illegal dynamite fishing in the area.

Another theory was that they reacted to a major underwater earthquake.

Three whales died and one was taken to an area marine park for observation, but most of the whales appeared to be headed back toward the safety of open water, officials said.

-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo: Bullit Marquez / Associated Press

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