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Dress your dog like Sarah Palin

January 15, 2009 |  4:12 pm

Dress your dog like Sarah Palin? Every once in a while a product comes along that makes one question if we’ve taken this dog-loving thing too far.

The Sarah Palin dog wig is one of those products. And it’s actually one of the more tolerable doggie wig designs available from Wiggles, a company that specializes in fake hair creations for attention-starved dogs and owners.

According to Wiggles founder Ruth Regina, dogs love the attention the wigs give them.

But is this really the type of attention  dogs want? Wouldn’t they prefer a nice firm scratch on the head rather than a tight scratchy wig? 

My first Christmas with Petey, my terrier, I dressed him up in festive lights and a Santa cap for pictures. He was so excited he fell asleep.

PeteyAfter that, I became more attuned to what really makes Petey happy –- and dressing him up isn’t one of them.

Besides, God already made dogs naturally cute. Leave it to us humans to get involved and cheese it all up.

If involved you must be, try what I did: tie a colorful bandanna -- loosely -- around your pet's neck. I found this satisfied my need to be cheesy without resorting to the nauseating doggie tutu.

And if you decide to put a wig on your dog, just don’t put lipstick on it if it’s a pit bull.

-- Graham McCann

Photo: Wigglesdogwigs.com

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