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Should veterinary care be taxed? Gov. Schwarzenegger says yes

December 5, 2008 |  6:28 pm

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger The Times' Evan Halper and Jordan Rau reported last month on the California governor's call for an increase in sales tax in an effort to help the state recover from a budget shortfall.  The plan "also calls for extending the sales tax to appliance and furniture repairs, vehicle repairs, golf fees, veterinarian services, amusement parks and sporting events." 

MarketWatch reports:

In a recent announcement, Governor Schwarzenegger recommended broadening the Sales and Use Tax to include "luxury" items such as veterinary services, which is sure to cause an increase in animal shelter overpopulation. Animal welfare advocates across the state are joining forces and urging all pet owners to take action and contact the governor and state legislature to stop this tax.

"We are strongly opposed to this. We think it's inappropriate to be categorized in with appliance and furniture repair services," Dr. Bill Grant II, president of the California Veterinary Medical Assn., said in a DVM Newsmagazine story.

What do you think?  Can pets' medical care be considered a luxury item?  Is this measure necessary to pull California out of a budget crisis?

-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo: Nick Ut / Associated Press

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