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Memo to the president elect: We've got a dog for you

November 14, 2008 |  3:29 pm

Times columnist Chris Erskine ("Man of the House") has some good news for the First Family elect: He's going to help them in their quest to pick out a puppy.

CujoOK, I'll bite. If the Obamas are looking for a White House dog, let me nominate our sweet little beagle, Cujo, for the role. Cujo seconds the motion.Cujo is a storybook pup, cuddly and affectionate. When he burps, bubbles float from his mouth and he chases them into a grassy glen. He likes to shadow box with butterflies or rub noses with bunnies. And he’s always getting his head stuck in the honey pot while trying to make friends with bees. I’m going to miss that little scamp so much.

But a big-hearted dog like Cujo deserves the finest home possible. And the new first family deserves a first rate first dog.

Now, Malia and Sasha, forget what your dad’s aides may dig up about Cujo. You know how the media distort things. Forget all that stuff someone wrote about him having a bladder the size of a shot glass, or how he likes to sleep with his business end on my pillow. Some have suspected he doesn’t know his head from his heinie, which I think makes him instant White House material.

You kids are going to love Cujo, you really are. There’s nothing like a dog to bring life and energy to a new home. Just wait till he snatches the turkey from the Thanksgiving buffet.

--Chris Erskine

For more from Saturday's "Man of the House" column on Cujo, go to latimes.com/erskine.

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