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Bear--seeking munchies?--breaks up marijuana farm

September 10, 2008 |  6:17 pm

So maybe this is why he's called Smokey the Bear. As the Rocky Mountain News reports, a bear has raided a marijuana farm in Utah:

On Tuesday, Garfield County Sheriff Danny Perkins, sheriff's deputies and U.S. Forest Service personnel discovered a marijuana plot on the east side of Durfey Creek on Boulder Mountain. But what makes this plantation different is that it had been initially raided by a giant bear.

Deputies found pipes chewed in half, food containers ripped apart and strewn everywhere, cans with bear teeth marks all over them, claw marks and bear prints across the camp, including giant bear claw scratches where people typically carve their names into a tree.

The story unleashed a flurry of ursine-inspired observations on a Rocky Mountain News comment board. A sampling:

     "That wasn't a bear. It was the ghost of Jerry Garcia."

     "I'm pretty sure the bear wants a Klondike Bar now."

     "Bear found in local 7-11. Bloodshot eyes and twinky filling all over his face. Could it be him?"

     "He was selling to his friends. Look for a bear living well above his means."

     "Tokey the Bear"

-- Steve Padilla

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