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Readers react to Chico, the only meerkat the L.A. Zoo

September 4, 2008 |  2:53 pm


Last week we blogged about  Chico, the (only) meerkat in residence at the Los Angeles Zoo, and linked to Times Staff Writer Lynn Smith's story, detailing the concerns of many who believe Chico needs company.

Did we say many? We meant it. L.A. Unleashed received scores of comments, some of which we'd like to share:

Meerkats are not solitary animals and do not do well alone. Therefore if this zoo can not provide him the basic of needs then they don't deserve to have him. --Angie

I have personally interacted with Meerkats and know how gregarious, curious and social they are. Chico does not act like a happily socialized Meerkat. --Christine

Lone meerkats exist in only a few, usually dire, circumstances and their instincts lead them to attempt to re-integrate into existing groups because that is where they know they are safest. How difficult it must be to be alone with no opportunity for companionship or shared responsibilities when you have always had companions or family around you. Human interaction is not a replacement for instinct. --Susan

I only pray that our little Chico will make it to fellow earthlings sanctuary ( that i have made a donation to) for reasons like this. message to Chico..........I love you little dude good luck --Ann-Marie

See a trend here?

Here's a link to a video of the little guy.

--Alice Short

Photo: Jamie Pham

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