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Stray dogs along the Blue Line

July 25, 2008 | 11:33 am

Because of high gasoline prices, many Angelenos have abandoned their cars and have embraced public transportation. One such commuter, the Times' Lauren Williams,  has some observations on stray dogs along the Blue Line:

As I later learned, loose dogs are a pretty common sight on the Blue Line, especially between the Florence stop (just past the intersection with the Green Line) and the Del Amo station. Regular riders probably see half a dozen dogs walking the streets each week.

Some have collars, although they often don’t, and usually the dogs look happy to be free, trotting down the street. In such cases I assume another Good Samaritan will stop and call the owner or a shelter and the dog will be back to regular meals and clean water in no time.

Such was not the case last week, when, riding the Blue Line, I saw a dog curled into a ball lying dangerously close to the tracks beyond the metal gate that, to humans, distinguishes between the safe side of the sidewalk and the all-too-close side, near the Metro’s tracks

Read her full report on the the Times' Bottleneck Blog.

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