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George Carlin on the secret of life -- getting more dogs

June 24, 2008 |  3:43 pm

George_carlin_2 George Carlin was known, of course, for his love of biting satire and language that cannot be printed on this blog or anything else that falls under the umbrella of the L.A. Times. When we were younger, we couldn't stop talking about "Seven Words You Can Never Say On TV" (warning, this link leads directly to the dirty words), even though we knew he was about much more than mere profanity.

What we did not know is that George Carlin had a thing for dogs...at least he did a routine about his love for dogs. Here's an excerpt:

I love every dog I ever had. ... In my lifetime, I have had me a bunch of different dogs. Because you do keep getting a new dog don't you? ... That's the whole secret of life. Life...is a series of dogs. It's true! You just keep getting a new dog, don't you? That's what's good about them. They don't live too long... Sometimes, you can get a dog that looks exactly like the dog you used to have. Right? You shop around a little bit, and you find a dog identical to your former dog. And that's real handy cause you don't have to change the pictures on your mirror or anything. Right? You just bring the dead one into the pet shop. Throw him up on the counter and say, "Give me another one of them. That was real good."

If this fails to make you laugh, you can watch Carlin do this routine at  Brightcove.tv. Delivery, after all, is everything.

-- Alice Short

Photo:  Associated Press / The Lima News, David G. Massey

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