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Dead Dogs Walking .. to Safety?

May 21, 2008 |  9:09 am

    Keep in mind the mantra that ``There are no bad dogs, only bad owners'' when you read this.

    Animal shelters of Los Angeles and beyond are full of the canine equivalents of India's ''untouchables.'' These are strong and strong-minded dogs like pit bulls and some big breeds. Prospective pet seekers often tend to regard these breeds as unadoptable, whatever each dog's individual temperament. A lot of them will probably end up at the wrong end of a euthanasia needle.   

   The most ''hard-core'' and dog-aggressive of these are ``Death Row Dogs,'' and Downtown Dog Rescue is working to rehab them through a program outfit called Canine Communications. The stories of dogs like Spartacus and Clancy are moving, and all the more so considering that something -- someone -- made these dogs what they are.



   -- Patt Morrison

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