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Cloned dogs being groomed as customs sniffers

April 23, 2008 | 11:05 am


South Korean customs officials have announced that the seven dogs they have cloned (six are pictured here,fighting over a rag) are now being trained as sniffers for their customs agency.

The dogs were born after the country's customs service paid a biotechnology company to reproduce a Canadian Labrador retriever, and are already showing an uncanny sniffing ability, according to the AP:

Only about 30% of naturally born sniffer dogs make the grade, but South Korean scientists believe that could rise to 90% using the cloning method....

A spokesman for South Korean customs said the pups have passed the first round of tests for behavioural patterns and genetic qualities and will report for duty in June after completing a second round of training.

The puppies, all named Toppy (Tomorrow's Puppy) are identical to their father as seen here in the video below.

--Tony Barboza   

Photo: EPA

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