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More on the Chicago cougar shooting

April 17, 2008 |  3:18 pm

CougarThe cougar shot and killed by police on Chicago's trendy North Side earlier this week might have been one of a growing number of young male cougars striking out from the Black Hills of South Dakota in search of new territory. The Washington Post reports:

"Government protections on cougars (also called mountain lions and panthers) in the Upper Plains states have caused once-threatened populations to rebound to the point of saturation, forcing more of the big cats to migrate far afield."

In the meantime, the shooting has riled readers of L.A. Unleashed, who continue to snipe at one another. What follows are a few examples of the exchange.

"I am totally disgusted by Chicago Police and will report them to PETA for their horrible attack on an innocent animal.  Do they not know what a tranquilizer gun is????? I cried at the injustice for this poor animal lost in a concrete jungle. I hope those officers can sleep safe in knowing that they were only protecting themselves and their pride while they could have waited for animal services to take the animal back to its natural habitat. Foul and cowardices. And may I say stupidity."  -- Animal Rights

On the other hand....

"I'm cracking up reading all the comments about the 'beautiful innocent animal' ...what a bunch of whiney hippies. It's a dangerous predator. It could have killed any of those officers easily, not to mention any children who it might have happened upon. Beautiful innocent children. What is this country coming to when the life of an animal is given higher value that the life of a human??"  -- Wyzbok

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--Alice Short

Photo: Chicago Tribune

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