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MTA Plans Rapid Transit Route From Century City to El Monte!!

May 15, 2011 |  5:55 am

  May 15, 1961, Comics  

  May 15, 1961, Transit Plan  

May 15, 1961: The Metropolitan Transit Authority announces plans for a rapid transit system from Century City to El Monte! 

The proposed line, including 12 miles of subway, would extend from the downtown area to El Monte and west to the new Century City in West Los Angeles!!

The western terminal would be under Santa Monica Boulevard at the Century City project on which construction has begun!!!

The line would swing over to Wilshire Boulevard, continuing downtown via subway beneath Wilshire! The subway would continue to a point one mile east of Union Station, where the line would rise to the surface and travel the Pacific Electric right of way along the San Bernardino Freeway to El Monte!!!!!!!

And best of all, according to the Kaiser Industries engineers who helped draft  the plan: “The line would take three years to build.”

That’s right. A rapid transit line from Century City to El Monte, including 12 MILES of subway, could be built in three years!!!!!!!

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over this story. Maybe both.

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  May 15, 1961, Transit Plan  

  May 15, 1961, Transit Proposal