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Coming Attractions -- 'Hollywoodland'

May 6, 2011 |  3:28 am

  Mary Mallory, Hollywoodland  

Readers will recognize Mary Mallory as a leading member of the Daily Mirror’s “brain trust.” She’s a photo librarian at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and in her spare time, she has been writing a book about Los Angeles history that will be released May 16. Mary says:

My book is an Arcadia Publishing book detailing the history in photographs of the neighborhood of Beachwood Canyon originally known as Hollywoodland. 

Hollywoodland extends from 2690 N. Beachwood Drive up towards Mt. Lee and the Hollywood Sign (this was originally in Hollywoodland before being donated to the Department of Parks and Recreation in 1945).    The book details the early history of Beachwood Canyon, the construction of the development, amenities, histories of many of the homes and architects, a history of the Hollywood Sign, listings of famous residents, and a chapter on movies filmed up there. 

It is based on Hollywood Heritage’s S. H. Woodruff Collection (one of the developers of Hollywoodland) and other Hollywood photograph collections, photos from Bison Archives, the Margaret Herrick Library, me, and others, and all profits got to Hollywood Heritage. 

I made the suggestion to the HH Board, on which I serve, that we should try to do something with the Woodruff Collection, and since I made the suggestion, I got to do it.  I’ve always wanted to do a book, and especially one on Hollywood history. 

I learned so much about the architects, homes, and residents.  It was fun, but I continue to research.  I just walked most of it Saturday trying to get photos of the original homes, trying to identify homes with photos we have. 

Here’s a preview.