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Self-Styled Siren: An Amateur Among Amateurs -- Agee on Film

March 9, 2011 |  7:21 am


Joan Fontaine Speaking of our favorite movie blogs, another one we enjoy at the Daily Mirror is “Self-Styled Siren,” by Farran Smith Nehme. (No, the photo is of Joan Fontaine, who serves as Farran’s avatar on the Web). Her latest post is about James Agee and it’s well worth reading. She says:

“Nothing is ever good enough for James Agee. Reading his reviews, you wonder not that he racked up three marriages before his death at age 45, but that he ever found a partner acceptable enough to sign legal documents with in the first place. Even movies he adored, such as Open City, leave some sort of cracker crumb in his bedsheets.

“Yet still I treasure Agee, because he writes so well. As he explains why, for example, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn isn’t good enough, he describes what he does like with breathtaking ardor and accuracy.”

There’s more here….