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Jim Murray, Feb. 24, March 10, 1961

March 10, 2011 |  8:16 am

   March 10, 1961, Alex Perez  

  Feb. 24, 1961, Jim Murray  

Feb. 24, 1961: Jim Murray visits the Lakers’ locker room before their game with the Celtics. Don’t miss it.

March 10, 1961: PALM SPRINGS -- It is now being generally considered the Los Angeles Angels are going to be the canvas backs of baseball in the upcoming season, the only team in history to finish ninth or lower in the American League. You may wonder what I'm doing down here that can be of any interest at all to you.

  Feb. 24, 1961, Jim Murray  

  Feb. 25, 1961, Jim Murray  

  March 10, 1961, Jim Murray