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Town Called Hollywood, Feb. 2, 1941

February 2, 2011 | 11:13 am

  Feb. 2, 1941, Gunfight  

  Feb. 2, 1941, Comics  

Feb. 2, 1941: Tom Treanor interviews an observer for the U.S. government: "The Germans will risk practically nothing," he says. “Their whole military strategy is based on not taking risks. They never sacrifice their men recklessly. Everything is done to keep from suffering heavy losses. Why do you think they put the men in tanks and send the tanks ahead of the infantry? So the enemy can't kill many Germany soldiers.”

Philip K. Scheuer profiles Hartzell Spence, whose book about his father,  “One Foot in Heaven: The Life of a Practical Parson,” is being made into a film at Warner Bros.


  Feb. 2, 1941, Philip K. Scheuer