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Found on EBay -- ‘They Call Them Camisoles’

January 24, 2011 |  5:01 pm
They Call Them Camisoles A rather battered but interesting copy of “They Call Them Camisoles” has been listed on EBay. “Camisoles” was written by Wilma Carnes under the pen name Wilma Wilson and is a graphic first-person account of her time at Camarillo (“Camisoles” was the hospital’s nickname for straitjackets.) She was beaten to death by a soldier during a “drinking party at her home” in 1943. 

This copy carries an interesting inscription to Howard Francis Chase and is signed, but has suffered water damage and the cover is badly torn. “Camisoles” is hard to find on the open market, although it’s in many public libraries,  and it is usually listed at a high price. Bidding on this copy starts at $200, which seems high, considering the condition.


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