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Matt Weinstock, Dec. 13, 1960

December 13, 2010 |  4:00 pm

  Dec. 13, 1960  

Dec. 13, 1960: Matt Weinstock says “I've been watching a show called ‘The Westerner,’ admirably underplayed by hulking Brian Keith. It's possibly the most realistic portrayal of the Old West on television. It has nothing in common with the good guy-bad guy shows. It conveys dramatically, sometimes cruelly, the loneliness and small elations of a wanderer and his horse and his dog.

“I understand the word got back to the TV tycoons that people were watching and liking this show. There was only one thing to do and they did it -- they canceled it. Who do the peasants think they are -- deciding what they like or don't like?”

CONFIDENTIAL TO PHIL: Face the music ... "Rockabye, Baby."

  Dec. 13, 1960, Weinstock  

  Dec. 13, 1960, Abby