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Grim Sleeper No. 149

December 17, 2010 | 11:58 am

  Grim Sleeper No. 149  

8101 S. Western
Grim Sleeper photo No. 149 has quite a bit of detail. The picture apparently shows Frenchie’s Patio Soul Food, which was located 8101 S. Western Ave. (323) 753-2614. The only mention in The Times is a 1998 story by Jocelyn Stewart about an annual day of dialogue on race relations begun in 1995 after the L.A. riots.

A quick look at a map might fill in some blanks. The restaurant was just around the corner from 1728 W. 81st St., the home of Grim Sleeper suspect Lonnie David Franklin Jr.

But we run into some problems. According to Property Shark, 8101 S. Western Ave. is a restaurant/cocktail lounge built in 1977.

  8101 S. Western  

Which is clearly not what we find on Google maps street view.

Aha, this was built in 2006.


We can also see a little bit more of the neighborhood reflected in the right side-view mirror. I’ve flopped it (we’re starting with a reflection in a mirror) to show what we would see if we were standing by the van and looking back. This appears to be the north side of West 81st Street.

  81st Street  

  Grim Sleeper sticker  

On further examination, I found a couple of interesting things in the van. The first is some sort of humorous bumper sticker on the passenger’s sun visor.

  Grim Sleeper 149 registration  

And there also appears to be some sort of vehicle registration fixed to the windshield.


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