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Paul Coates on Adolf Eichmann, Nov. 29, 1960

November 29, 2010 |  1:12 pm

  Nov. 29, 1960, Mirror  

Nov. 29, 1960: Paul Coates talks to Holocaust survivors in Israel about Adolf Eichmann and finds complex and contradictory views on him. One person wishes that his captors had simply shot him instead of bringing him to Israel for a trial.

Commander Antek (Yitzhak Zuckerman), one of the leaders of the uprising of the Warsaw ghetto, says: "If I got him in these hands I would kill him, of course. I could not help myself. But what good does killing him do? Will it make up for his crime? Can you kill a man 6 million times?"

Also on the jump, Chapter 14 of Maurice Zolotow's "The Real Marilyn Monroe," in which the actress' drama coach, Natasha Lytess, appears on the set of the Fritz Lang film "Clash by Night." It didn’t go well.

  Nov. 29, 1960, Monroe
  Nov. 29, 1960, Coates