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Paul Coates, Nov. 21, 1960

November 21, 2010 |  2:07 pm

  Nov. 21, 1960, Mirror Cover  

Nov. 21, 1960: Paul Coates writes about the “strange passivity” in the Soviet citizen.

He quotes another reporter: "There's no city in the world where I'd feel safer for my wife and kids than Moscow. They can walk anywhere, at any hour, and I know they'll be all right.

"These Russians are probably the kindest, warmest people you'll meet anywhere. Yet I know that within a half-hour their collective attitude could change violently if a voice on those loudspeakers ordered them to change."

On the jump, Howard Hughes takes an interest in Norma Jean Baker’s career in the latest chapter of Maurice Zolotow’s biography, “The Real Marilyn Monroe.”

  Nov. 21, 1960, Coates  

  Nov. 21, 1960, Coates  

  Nov. 21, 1960, Marilyn Monroe