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Bus Strike Begins!

November 16, 2010 |  2:15 am


  Nov. 6, 1960, Bus Strike  

  Nov. 21, 1960, Strike Ends  

Nov. 16-21, 1960: Another bus strike ends after six days, with MTA mechanics winning a raise of 54 cents an hour to be given in three steps. Officials say that the raises will probably require an increase in the 20-cent [$1.43 USD 2009] basic fare.

Interestingly enough, the city traffic department set up an emergency ride-sharing program using a map that divided the city into large zones. Motorists were encouraged to pick up people at bus stops in these zones and give them a ride downtown. People seeking a ride from downtown to the outlying areas were to stand in areas designated for various zones.

And yes, the main commute was to and from downtown Los Angeles.

  Nov. 16, 1960, Ride Share Program
  Nov. 16, 1960, Ride Share