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Paul Coates, Aug. 11, 1960

August 11, 2010 |  1:58 pm

Aug. 11, 1960, Mirror Cover

Aug. 11, 1960: Paul Coates muses on whether plastic surgery would change criminals’ behavior.

As part of its redesign, the Mirror asked some of its staff to take turns as columnists. Jack Searles had one the other day and today we have the late Jack Goulding, who went to The Times after the demise of the Mirror.

I never worked with Goulding, who retired from The Times in 1983 and died in 1991, but he had a good reputation among people like Eric Malnic. His daughter Joan was also an editor at The Times.  A line that was cut from his obit went something like this: “In a survey of Times reporters, Goulding was the only one who was not considered a bastard.”  

Aug. 11, 1960, Jack Goulding 

Aug. 11, 1960, Paul Coates