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Missouri Mob Lynches Two Blacks

July 4, 2010 |  2:42 am

July 4, 1910, Lynching

July 4, 1910: Charleston, Mo. -- "Those in the yard -- the women and children -- could hear the sounds of a sledge hammer as the lock was knocked off the cell door. In a few moments a shout announced that the lock had been broken and immediately a file of men ran from the jail pulling at a long rope.

"At the end of the rope was a Negro, Bob Coleman, kicked, cuffed and knocked down by the men who struggled to get near him. The Negro was dragged to the southwest corner of the courthouse yard and hanged.

"While Coleman dangled, another body of men rushed from the jail, dragging and pulling the other Negro, Sam Fields. A rope was placed around his neck and the mob, yelling, hanged him.

"A mob was bent upon burning the Negro section of Charleston but cooler counsel prevailed and quiet was restored late tonight."

July 4, 1910, Lynching