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Los Angeles in 7 Days

June 23, 2010 |  4:38 am


I’ve been looking for a copy of “Los Angeles in 7 Days” since my friend Carolyn Strickler, former head of The Times’ History Center, showed me a copy of the 1932 book. Bookfinder has a few copies, but for more than I care to pay. Fortunately, it can be downloaded from Google Books. Notice that I’ve opened the digitized copy to the section on the Los Angeles Public Library. Ahem.

Former Times reporter Lanier Bartlett, who wrote “The Spoilers” for Selig Polyscope, and his wife, author Virginia Stivers Bartlett, cover quite a bit of ground rather quickly, so there aren’t extended entries on most of the sights, but they do provide some excellent details on many landmarks that have changed or vanished in the intervening years.  Notice that it provides a detailed description of the Biltmore.  

But what’s this? “We were moving very slowly in congested traffic and had time to chat about days gone by.” And yes, this was in 1932, before freeways, in the golden age of public transportation with the Los Angeles streetcar system.