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LAPD Sets Up Speed Trap on Grand Avenue

June 7, 2010 |  1:35 am

June 7, 1910, Speed Trap

June 7, 1910: The 20% grade of Grand Avenue is a popular place for car salesmen to show customers the speed of their vehicles. In fact, Grand is such a perfect test track that the Police Department has set up a trap for car salesmen and anyone else who dares to break the speed limit. One officer with a stopwatch was stationed at Grand and 6th Street and another an eighth of a mile up the hill, with a motorcycle patrolman at the top. When a speeding car passed the officer at 6th, he signaled the second officer, who clicked his stopwatch. If the car was speeding, the second officer signaled the motorcycle officer, who issued a ticket to the driver – a total of 18 motorists.  Car salesman L.A. Pratt tells officers he was only going 14 mph. They say he was doing 25.