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Woman Dresses as Man to See Prizefights

April 17, 2010 |  1:25 am

 April 17, 1910, Woman Dresses as Man to See Prizefights 

 April 17, 1910, Woman Prizefight Fan

April 17, 1910: As I have said before, early 20th century Los Angeles is an acquired taste. Many people prefer the ill-defined “noir” period that is written in smoke and shadows – and just as elusive.  Quite honestly, the later eras have nothing that can compare to stories like this one: A first-person account by a woman who loves boxing so much that she dresses up as a man to invade the male sanctum of prizefighting. 

Maud Effinger writes: “I am a clever housekeeper and I can make the best pie in Los Angeles. In fact, I am a ‘perfect lady.’ But the only real thrill there is left in the world is a prizefight. After cats and crochet and shirt waist patterns and afternoon teas, the fierce excitement of this brute strength is glorious. Girls, if women had a chance, they would be worse fight fans than men because they love excitement more.”

On the jump, the Louisiana Supreme Court weighs the definition of Negro…

April 17, 1910, Woman Prizefight Fan  


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