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Sunday Drunks

April 18, 2010 |  1:43 am

April 18, 1910, Reduso Corsets

The Reduso corset reduces measurements of hips and abdomen from one to five inches.

April 18, 1910, Drunks

April 18, 1910: Police round up 23 drunks on Sunday and the ones who are too intoxicated to give their names have a number stamped on their forehead: “John Doe No. 1,” etc.,  The Times says.   I always assumed the expression “23 skiddoo” was from the 1920s, but this Times item shows it was in common use much earlier. In fact, “skiddoo” appeared in The Times as early as April 8, 1906, and was evidently already well-known :

April 8, 1906, Skiddoo

On the jump, grim stories about beatings by drunk men. The almost daily litany of these stories helps explain the momentum behind Prohibition.

April 18, 1910, Drunks

April 18, 1910, Anita