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Philadelphia Transit Strike Touches Off Riots

February 21, 2010 |  2:00 am

Feb. 21, 1910, Philadelphia Riot

Feb. 21, 1910, Philadelphia Riot 

The Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co. declared the strike over April 5, 1910.

 Feb. 21, 1910, Philadelphia Riots

Feb. 21, 1910: Striking transit workers in Philadelphia dynamite a streetcar and burn or wreck two dozen more. Many strikebreakers brought in from New York are beaten by mobs, which also attack police officers.

March 13, 1910, Editorial

March 13, 1910: The Times editorializes against the Philadelphia transit strike and attacks AFL founder Samuel Gompers, who was called a “labor despot” in  an accompanying story. All of this helps set the stage for The Times bombing in October 1910.