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Jarvis Urges Recall of Gov. Brown

February 24, 2010 |  8:00 am

Feb. 24, 1960, Nixon 

Vice President Richard Nixon greets admirers in South Bend, Ind., while visiting Notre Dame to receive its Patriotism Award.



Caryl Chessman and the Finch trial. A good day for news. And the historic Southern Pacific depot on Alameda burns down.

Feb. 24, 1960, Jarvis

Howard “Prop. 13” Jarvis advocates a recall of Gov. Brown, who says capital punishment is barbaric and predicts that it will one day be abolished in California. 

Feb. 24, 1960, Chessman

Feb. 24, 1960, NAACP

The Supreme Court rules that the NAACP doesn't have to turn over its membership rolls to authorities.


Miles Davis and the MJQ …  Plus Paul Horn. I’m there! And no, I’d never heard of Jackie and Roy.

Feb. 24, 1960: Frank Finch profiles Stan  Williams and Don Drysdale as they change their pitching styles. When was the last time a sports columnist said “peachy keen” without being sarcastic?