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Suspect Held in Girl’s Abduction, Killing

January 14, 2010 |  8:00 am

Jan. 14, 1960, Primary

Jan. 14, 1960, Beats

Art Buchwald talks to Gregory Corso on the rise of the Beats. "This is going to be a great age," Corso says. "I can feel it. If we can only get some beatniks in the armies of the world we can burn down war."


An unidentified suspect is arrested in the kidnapping and slaying of 10-year-old Mary Lou Olson of National City. Her killing was never solved.

Jan. 14, 1960, Sports

“It takes a brave man to walk in and assume the coaching job of the Los Angeles Rams. That man is Bob Waterfield,” Paul Zimmerman says.
Jan. 14, 1960: “The presidential primary is an extensive and exhaustive ordeal which cheapens the quality of the discussion of national issues and puts an excessive premium on the arts of demagoguery," Walter Lippmann writes.

He adds, "At the best, these scattered and haphazard primary elections should be regarded, if and when the votes have been thoroughly analyzed, as samples of public opinion to assist the convention in making its final judgment. They should never, as Sen. Kennedy proposes, be treated as decisive."